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Riyadh Golf Courses are located just 20 minutes from Riyadh, making it the perfect location for members, visitors, golfers, and non-golfers to enjoy a unique range of benefits and remarkable golfing facilities.

RGC has a relaxing comfortable environment whether you are playing golf, having a bite to eat, or using our sports facilities. You can enjoy the golf course challenge, the practice facilities, sports garden and clubhouse.

The excellent golf course and RGC’s many other superb facilities are an oasis in the Saudi Arabian desert so please explore the website, book a tee time or just come to visit our “Pearl in the Desert” 



Here's a Draw for India Republic Day Golf Tournamnet (09/02/2019)


07:30 Start
1 Bouchaib El Jadiani (0) Delete Abdelaziz Al Hulaissi (23) Delete Tariq Javed (21) Delete Tony Coveny (12) Delete
2 Karam Chand (2) Delete Chris Devlin (13) The Royal Golf Club Delete Kimo Yang (19c) Delete Johan Greppe (15) Delete
2a Andy Fullwood (23) Delete Waheed Aslam (16) Delete Chul Hong Kim (10c) Delete Saud Aljedea (20) Delete
3 German Angelo (23) Delete Tariq Sardar (11) Delete Donald Kane (13) Delete Young Bok Kim (13c) Delete
4 Barry Hartley (22) Delete Eddie Ejusa (13c) Delete Arif Hussain (19) Delete Steven Tylor (24) Delete
5 Michael Brennan (17) Delete Nadeem Mirza (12c) Delete Young Chang Choi (16) Delete Sunil George (21) Delete
5a Bob Smith (10c) Delete Chang Hoon Choi(22c) Delete John Herron (10c) Delete Byung Wook Jo (28c) Delete
6 Michael Swenor (17) Delete Pieter Morris (15) Riyadh golf courses Delete Mehmood Sultan (15c) Delete Khalid Jang (10c) Delete
7 Irfan Fazili (22) Delete Sepoong Ki (13c) Delete Qaiser Hussain (19) Delete Stephen Butler (26) Delete
7a Mushtaq Bakshi (-12) Delete Abdulaziz Alomran (20) Delete Sandy Gupta (13c) Delete Lars Fjellstrom (18) Riyadh golf courses Delete
8 Kyung Ha Kim (15c) Delete Gil Verano (20) Delete Kamal Fareed (10) Delete Mike Winrow (14c) Delete
9 kyung Lim Cho (28c) Delete Alan Clarke (21c) Delete Paul Rothwell (9c) Delete Clark Windross (1) Delete
9a Paul Stevens (24) Delete Trevor Alan Hartley(7c) Delete Chad Maqike (16) Delete Suhan Yun (N/A) Delete
10 Jose R. Vallado (20c) Delete Scott Tromp (12) Delete Imran Salahuddin (13c)Delete Leonard Dowling (14) Delete
11 Landan Jackson (0) Delete Ronny Lidman (14) Delete Abdulrahman Alothman (15) Delete irfan Hanif (24) Delete
12 Tariq Khan (24) Delete Won Koo Kwon (9c) Delete David McGlashan (20) Riyadh golf courses Delete Howeon Jeong (18c) Delete
12a Gabriel Alexi Turno(25c) Delete Miran kim (N/A) Delete Troy Busby (15) Delete Hayong Jeon (25c) Delete
13 colin Pratt (18) Delete Arshad Mahmood (17c) Delete Jack Molony (14) Riyadh golf courses Delete David Brudenall (14c) Delete
14 Anneli Kiellemar (8) Delete Javed Siddique (22) Delete Clare Hunter (12c) Delete Mohamed Sofi (24) Delete
15 Suhel Khan (21) Delete Kenneth Lowery (15) Delete Mohammed Bhat (17) Delete Yong Wook Kang (15c)Delete
15a Kook Jin Lee (11c) Delete Mohammed Hamid(20c) Delete hayong Chen (18) Delete Malcom Rae (14) Delete
16 Mace Crowe (22) Delete Spence Hawthorn (10) Delete Billy Jordan (20) Delete Bernie Jacques (20) Delete
17 M S Jin (13c) Delete Chris Moore (12) Delete Jaeho Cheon (20c) Delete Duane Bailey (21) Delete
18 manu Pillai (24) Delete Ian Hunter (22c) Delete Waqar Khan (18) Delete chulhoon Jeon (16) Delete
18a Won jun Yang (18) Delete Osama Al Taher (20c) Delete David Lawrence (20) Riyadh golf courses Delete Renato Carigma (16) 













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The Clubhouse with a total area of 5,000 square meters boasts modern facilities with a country club atmosphere. Click here for more Clubhouse information
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Riyadh Green Course offers a challenging and pleasurable round to golfers at all levels. Click here to book a tee time.
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